Friday, 18 September 2015


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As usual i'm starting this with an explanation of why it's been so long since i've posted. 
Excuses. What can I say really? I'm busy, but then I still manage to find time to read an insane amount of manga and watch 4-5 episodes of Dexter a night. My priorities need some work. 

Anyway! I have an exciting post today!
I watched the new remake NetFlix series ' Wet Hot American Summer; First day of camp' 
And then went and watched the original movie, 'Wet Hot American Summer' 

Our beautiful and talent Amy Poehler is one of many hilarious cast members!
You see the NetFlix series contains the same cast as the original movie, so it's brilliant seeing how people have aged in the past 14 years, not all so well....>>



Although I've never had the opportunity to actually attend an American Summer camp, this seemed pretty legit to me, a bit o.t.t on some occasions but being a teenager, away from home nothing but freedom and friends, it's gonna get a little mad, and this movie/show sells that perfectly!
The cast is made up with talented and quirky actors and comedians so theres never a dull moment! I really enjoyed the original movie, but the T.V show has a little something extra for me. Maybe it's seeing Amy Poehler and the rest acting like teenagers and being so great at it, or maybe it's how great it looks, video has come a long way and just keeps getting better or maybe it's just references I can understand!

The difference of 14 years is a bit crazy with some of the cast members, others not so much.
Like below is a picture of Amy Poehler and Bradley Copper with a fourteen year difference, both still looking awesome, but the difference is; their faces seemed to have filled out, and Amy's eyes seem to have widened?

Amy Poehler plays the character of 'Susie' 
Her character unlike the rest, at least for me, seemed quite different in comparison to her character in the movie. In the movie she is actually a little scary, she'd be the one at camp that is so insanely serious you don't wanna cross her cause she'll rip your head off and throw it in the lake. 
In the series she's a tad preoccupied to have that same dramatic flare. 
I still enjoyed both, but I think I prefer movie 'Susie' to the Tv 'Susie'.

Both the movie and the series had my sides splitting, if you love to laugh like I do, you should spend the weekend (or it'll only take a night really, if you can consume like me) enjoying these masterpieces of hilarity! Get a big bowl of buttery pop corn, some candy and soda and feel like a teenager again vegging out in front of the T.V!
Sounds like an awesome weekend to me!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Update on life and Parks.

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It's been awhile since i've posted anything and that's because i'm currently working wrap on the Production i'm finishing. Wrap is a great time of the job, everyone is getting excited to finish and the big free party that follows!
The atmosphere is lighter and everyone, even though very busy, seems to bask in the glory of getting to the end of a job without cracking up!
I've had a lot of fun on this job, moments were stressful but not hardly as much as some horror jobs, we've all been there! I'm moving right onto a research job after this so it'll still be a few weeks until i'm free to relax and plan some kind of Summer activity!

Most weekends I don't do much but chill out and go for a hike with my beautiful Jessie!
(incase you forgot what she looked like!)

And of course watching everything I can possibly consume, okay well all the good interesting, entertaining stuff anyway. I actually began re-watching the Final season of Parks. Breaks my heart that it's over but at the same time, it's nice to see how a show will wrap itself up, especially one that's gone for so long and done so much! I really enjoyed the final season. I've been looking into the behind scenes a lot to see how everyone worked together. They also seems to have kept basically the same crew through the entire series, like a family!
I'd love to have the chance to work on a tight knit show with a family crew! what I mean by that is just a crew that I know so well from working together for so long that we're like family. I have a few new family members already! Working on Thrones i've met a lot of amazing people, but it's the biggest show in the world and HBO, so there's a lot of crew changes every year and the job itself is so long and so tough, which is why I take a year between seasons, otherwise I wouldn't be my cheery self anymore, i'd be bug-eyed crazy lady..... oh but where was I going with this? 
Parks is a show that will subconsciously make you a better person, it's hard not to. You see how passionate everyone in the show is and I think parts of everyone wants to strive to be that little bit better too! At least everyone whom I know that actually watches the show agrees. Internet peoples probably won't so much, huh? 
I think my favourite episode was *SPOILER* Donna's wedding. 
It was so funny! And Donna finally got more screen time, it's her day! She also marries 

Keegan-Michael Key! 

Also it just shows how much everyone means to eachother! All invited to the wedding and all key players in making her day! 
Such a heart warming show! aw, i'm getting sappy! ^___^
Tying the Knope!


Moving onto a totally different subject, I really wanted to post some of the pictures from my last hike with Jessie, One moment it was beautiful blue skies, next the clouds started rolling in and it was pouring, thats the Irish Summer people. Me and Jess ran into the trees to get some protection, the lighting was so magical and enchanting I got some interesting pictures of the shamrocks.

I'm not sure why I like these pictures so much, they aren't particularly well taken ( it was rainy and on a hill to be fair with my shitty phone) but i'm sticking with the enchanting thing. It just looked like a forest in a different, magical world, and I love my fantasy. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My TV recommendations

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In case anyone is looking for something to help replace the amazing Parks and Recreations, like I do every time I finish rewatching it, no need to fear!
I've prepared a list of very awesome shows that will help fill the void!
They're in order from AWESOME- STILL PRETTY COOL

1. The Legend Of Korra

I know many people will see this poster and think it's just a cartoon for children, but it really isn't.
It has many interesting characters.
A brilliant story line.
But most of all- Theres bending of the elements!
It's fantastically exciting and wonderfully designed!
After the first few episodes you'll become addictive
regardless or age.
If you enjoy adventure, fantasy and action this is the perfect show!
Also has an awesome female lead character.

2. Firefly
I can't even explain how much I love this show.
It's everything i've ever wanted in a series.
Action, Adventure, fantasy, Space, family bonds, travelling, crime and creative and real characters.
I had so much fun watching this series, I was horrible disappointed when it was over as there just wasn't enough to consume!
Thankfully there's a movie and plenty of awesome merchandise including a celebration book which is filled with everything, any question you could possible think of to ask about the work of firefly is hidden within the pages of that book!
Watch and fall in love!

3. Jane The Virgin

I've mentioned this show before.
Unlike so many TV shows and Movies this series is unlike anything i've ever seen before.
It's hilarious, exciting, dramatic and the design and characters work so well together to create a truly magical show filled with entertainment.
Never a boring moment!
So if you're looking for something new, this is the show that'll surprise you!

4. Community

The series went through a few rough seasons but it's definitely worth the watch regardless!
Each character is so different yet they compliment eachother perfectly.
The show is funny and inventive.
Theres always something weird and strange happening, it'll keep you hooked, if for no other reason but wanting to know what they'll do next!
Some of the characters leave the show but are always replaced with someone new and just as interesting.

5. Game of Thrones

If you haven't seen the show yet you're missing out.
The first season is especially graphic and sexual but the series has everything, there's fantasy, adventure, action, drama, scandals, sex, betrayal, brutal murder, sneak attacks, concurring and dragons!
Truly exciting and fantastically designed,  something I can vouch for from having worked on the series myself.

6. Hannibal

Every word spoken in this series has been meticulously thought out and is spoken like poetry.
Hannibal is this wonderfully elegant character that you're drawn to, yet you know theres something not quite right about him to begin with.
Everything in this show is dripping with passion.
The design and decoration of the sets, the way the food is presented, the way the characters speak. Everything.
The suspense though out the show could cause you to pass out from not realising you've been holding your breath.

Unfortunately it was just announced that the show was cancelled, something fellow fans are heart broken about.
It wasn't given the advertisement and publicity it deserved.
Such a wonderfully presented show shouldn't be cut short.
Still it's certainly worth the watch! I have no doubt that this new and final season will still end brilliantly as they've been under threat of cancellation from the start so each season wraps itself up on it's own terms.

7. The Last Man On Earth

I've never watched a more hilarious and cringey show.
It's a show you can't watch yet can't look away!
The main character is such an ass, he's always screwing up and making a fool of himself but it's so entertaining and you'll never laugh so hard!

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Another funny tv series.
It's a cop show unlike any other. I guess it'd be the scrubs of cop shows.
It doesn't take things too seriously it's just out to have a good time.
The main character Jake is childish and quirky giving a lighter take on NY police force.

9. Castle

After I finished watching firefly I fell for Nathan Fillion's wonderful acting. I could tell any show he was in was sure to be worth watching. The series is all about a crime writer who tags along with a hot, kick ass female detective for inspiration for his novels. 
He ends up consulting and helps close many cases. 
It's funny, exciting and goes on for so many season that you really get to know the characters and see relationship naturally develop!

10. Dare Devil
I originally expected this show to be quite tame.
But It's brutal and graphic. 
There are incredibe fight scenes and realistic beating. 
The main character is perfect, he can easily blend from the blind yet tough lawyer to the deadly vigilante fighter. I throughly enjoyed the action and suspense this show presented!

11. The Flash

I won't lie, there are a few episodes that are a little less than awesome, but don't let that deter you! 
Any show with superpowers is interesting and cool. 
This one does a better job at presenting the new powers and skills that appear throughout Central City. 
The main character is still just a boy, he tries to act mature, even has a proper serious job in the police force, but he's implusive and clearly obsessed with the idea of being a 'superhero' but he does it well and he's got a lot of passion!
There are a few truly cool and interesting characters, and some that need some work or changing. 
Over all this show is pretty cool but not a master piece. 
Still worth the watch, especially if you're a fan of the supernatural and curious of what cool and new powers someone has thought up just for this show! 

I do have a much longer list but I feel these should keep anyone looking entertained for the time being. However if you're super cool and have already seen everything i've listed leave a comment and let me know what you're into and I'll give you a personal list of cool series that'll match your tastes! 
I have have a Japanese and Korean series list. Don't be discouraged by the subs they're worth watching and heck, something new! 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Leslie, inspire me!

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I've been under a bit of stress lately.
I was off sick for two days this week, but while I was out of work I couldn't stop myself from over thinking every aspect of my life, which didn't help me recover, in fact it made me feel worse.
To try and calm myself I do what I usual do, watch some Parks and try and steal advice from Leslie Knope's wise words.

No, but really I've been feeling a little lost. I had so many plans for myself and for the most part they've actually worked out. I wanted to be working in a good job where I made decent money and got to do something fun and exciting, check. 
But I also wanted to be successful by the time I was 25. I wanted to be able to help my parents move back to California like they've wanted. 
But i'm 21 now and I'm beginning to have doubts about how fast i'm moving up the chain. I've done well but the industry is still too small here and my ambitions are getting bigger. I've been concentrating so much on work i've forgotten how to be casual with my friends. I hardly ever go out and all I want to do in my spare time is gorge in movies and TV. I just want more. Always. 

Parts of my old self are fading but I want to keep hold of the idealistic girl who thought she could do anything. I'll continue to strive for the best and work hard but I need to know how to balance my life. 
Leslie i'm stealing your quote (below). It's my destiny to WIN! 
So to anyone who feels like giving up, do what Leslie would do- Don't!

I think I know the real reason for this blog now, it's to help me make sure I don't just give up. It's so easy to do but I don't want to look back and think about everything I let pass me by. 
It's been over a week since my last post, and it's not because I haven't had the time, I could write a post over lunch time if I wanted to, it's the fear of what I write being no good. 
But that like everything else I could say would just be an excuse. 
And excuses are lame. 
No one listens to them anyway!
Basically i'll try harder from now on to not just let this blog and my life sizzle out.

Thank you Leslie for the lesson!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Helen's Bay Beach

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'Let's go to the beach!'

'The beach? Isn't it a bit cold still?'

'Who cares! We'll have it all to ourselves then!'

We didn't. It's like we keep forgetting where we live and how when the sun actually manages to break through the thick grey clouds everyone flocks to the beach, parks, docks etc... to savour the moment. 
But it was a beautiful day and a lovely date!

It's been awhile since i've been to the beach. It really is just too cold for any proper beach fun in Ireland but It was enjoyable to just sit on a hill and watch the water swaying and then crashing into the rocks below. 
Plus Jessie was loving it!

What would Leslie be like if she was anywhere near a beach? It would be a very different story I think. All the characters would have to be influenced by the Ocean in some way I believe. 
Tom would be the one wearing strange swim suits and laying under a giant umbrella. Donna would be the same. April would be sitting as far from the water with her feet in the dry sand complaining about how stupid sand is but secretly enjoying wiggling her toes in it. Andy would be building sand castles and running into the oncoming waves. Ben would be sitting on a bench arms crossed and eyebrows knitted together in an uncomfortable moment of silence with the ocean that doesn't really suit him. Chris would be doing meditation on top of a cliff somewhere. Ron would be fishing in a secluded section of the beach off a pier he constructed himself and Leslie would be running around trying to organise some incredible beach fun. 
And Gerry would have been left behind so he'd be arriving in his trunks ready for a swim when everyone else was packing up. 
I think that sounds pretty accurate? 

It's beginning to look like Summer!

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I had a lovely walk with my beautiful Jessie this weekend! And when I say weekend I mean Sunday, that's right i'm currently working 6 day weeks. It sucks.
BUT it does make these walks that much more special.
I was really getting into the 'Summer feeling'. Me and Jessie were just wondering through the forest when we came to this awesome little meadow filled with Daisies!!! So I did what I always do when I see daisies;

Theres something so nostalgic about daisy chains. I think thats why I still continue to make them. Sure i'm growing up but theres always some things that must be done in Summer!

It was so beautiful out, well for part of the day- I do live in Ireland so theres only so much sun you can expect to get in a day. I couldn't help myself everything looked so beautiful that I just took a bunch of pictures!

It was quite strange, but in the middle of the forest, away from the paths, I found all these weird little huts and such that'd been built from loose branches and sticks. They looked beautiful with all the autumn leaves scattered, however I will admit the first thing that came into my mind was-' the blair witch project' *shivers*

Because I only had the one day I actually visited a few places other than the forest.
It started the rain at this point though, but while i was hiding beneath the trees I got some pretty pictures ^^)
I LOVE cherry blossom trees!
I'm going to Japan next Spring for the Sakura Festival! I shall be taking thousands of pictures then so just wait for actual pretty pictures!

I got into a habit of collecting garbage throughout forests after starting this blog.
I was going over why Leslie Knope is so amazing and I came to the episode where she gets sick of how long it take big governments to get anything done so she decides, SCREW IT! I'm gonna clean the river myself!
I want to learn from Leslie, granted she's not a real person but she's literally the embodiment of the idea of an amazing person, so same difference. (try to wrap your head around that, ha!)
Basically It's time we start actually enjoying the outdoors, and treating our planet with some respect!
The beauty and wonder of nature is incredible if you can actually take a moment to appreciate it!
I'll continue to post pictures of my adorable dog and myself on new adventures!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Me and Leslie having a day in common

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This is how I feel today;

I should not have gone to Karaoke mid week.....someone help me......


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