Saturday, 30 May 2015

Donna Meagle

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Donna Meagle- 

She really should have gotten more air time, but then in saying that her character benefited from being the sassy chic that doesn't get involved so much as the other. Like Gina from Brooklyn Nine-nine.
She is brilliant though!
She has moments in the show where you get to see what kind of person she is.

- In season one when the girls invited themselves on the men's camping trip, Donna's Benz car tire gets shot by a stray bullet and Donna goes MAD! - Video in the link below!
She LOVES her Benz (it's her favourite place to make out ><)

- The time when everyone gets hammered at the snake Juice party, she's in the middle of a cleanse- it's REALLY hard to do a cleanse so I feel this says a lot about her character!
She also drives everyone home in her most treasured possession- her car! She's a good buddy and looks after her friends!

- When April and Donna are working on deciding everyone in the Parks Departments' dog spirit she puts a lot of work into thinking of what animal would really suit each person, she also was pretty hurt by April's choice for her and her reasoning behind it. She's a bad ass but she cares!

- Donna is a bit of a mystery. I've gathered a few details about her to fill in the blanks;

  • She loves to Tweet- she live tweets movies!
  • She HATES her Brother, we don't know why, we just know she does.
  • Owns a Condo in Seattle because it's cheap Realestate and she loves fish markets?
  • Genuine the R&B star is her cousin
  • Her family owns a lake house cabin- and there are a feck load of rules to follow!
  • She states that the Meagle's are, 'private people'
  • Prince is her dream man

And she and Tom are the creators/ inventors of;

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Season 7 & my addiction

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So I'm a serial re-watcher. 
My boyfriend hates how often I re-watch some of my favourite episodes or scenes.
I've probably re-watched all 7 seasons of Parks over 5 times. EVERY EPISODE. and some way more than 5....>>
To be fair though I did re-watch the whole series recently for research, for this blog. I'm a professional that way.
I'm currently on season 7 again. It's sad that it's over but I really enjoyed this final season. I've heard some people being disappointed with the ending, but theres so much pressure to make perfect which it's never going to be, someone will always be disappointed, season endings are hard enough, but to actually wrap a series, and especially one so well received and loved? That must have been a mission for the writers.
For example the film I'm currently working on took months to decide the year the movie is based! It was only decided days before we actually started shooting!
I can't even imagine how much planning went into deciding- 2017

I'll admit I got super emotional when watching the last series, especially when we find out what happened between Ron and Leslie, or when we hear Ron's side more specifically.  Tears in the eyes and everything!
I don't want to spoil anything but SPOILER - Really enjoyed the episode about Donna's wedding! It was funny, light, thoughtful and Donna had her moment. Donna is the character who started off as the sassy black girl but she became an important part of the Parks crew. She was also way more than she seemed- I just felt that it was important that she got her episode ( I'm now realising she also needs a blog post dedicated to all her different sides shown throughout the series, I will gather images and fun videos!). Plus her husband is- Keegan- Michael Key! He's a brilliant character to being in for some extra comic effect! If you've never seen the skit show Key & Peele, you should! You'll wet yourself laughing!


(Don't worry my episode breakdown will follow- this is just a chance to do your own research. The titles are weirdly accurate and can totally give the episode away.....>> )

EPISODE 1- 2017













Saturday, 23 May 2015

Love where you Live

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You know what I hate?


It's everywhere now! In every park or forest I go to these littler scattered all over. On the side of the path- water bottles and crisp packets. Even deep in the forest you find used coffee carriers and doggie bags.
It's like people don't realise they're killing man kinds home every time they thoughtlessly scatter their garbage wherever they feel like. We should all show our home a lot more respect! Hasn't anyone ever seen a doomsday movie? 2012, the core, day after tomorrow? Theres really too many to go through but the point is the planet will turn on us. It's alive and soon it'll have no choice but to eliminated the threat to it's existence- man kind.
The planet's in bad enough shape without the everyday man being a poppycock.

I've been getting in the habit of bringing along a carrier bag on my walks with Jessie. I used to be part of an environmental club in my school days. I have a real sense of accomplishment when I litter pick. It's quite selfish I guess, helping the planet to make myself feel better, but then I guess I'm still doing good so I'm not gonna think too much about it.
I like to remember how Leslie volunteered to clean the river herself rather than wait for funding that would probably never come. She was determined and hardworking. Inspiring.
I want to be more like that myself. Without the super cheer, I think that'd just be pushing it.

If you want something to happen you have to get off your ass and get it done. 
You can complain a push blame around the plate but nothing will ever happen if you don't do something to help push it along.
Something that applies to basically everything in life don't you think?

Works about to get a lot tougher now, i'll need all the inspiration I can get! 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My entertainment industry origins

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When I was 14 my family and I went to visit my mom's family in California, like we do almost every year. I was hanging out with my cousin, she introduced me to ANIME.
Changed my life, it really did. 
I didn't think I'd like it, I thought, 'animation? I'm too old for that.' Thankfully she put on an episode of 'Full Metal Alchemist' and I was hooked. I became obsessed. 
Ireland is a little behind in such culture so I stocked up while in the US. Then the internet was my source to Japanese anime. I've spent thousands of pounds on getting manga imported from america, CD's imported from Japan, posters and action figures. I am an otaku. 
My love for anime spread to a love of Japan which opened up live action movies and Japanese TV dramas and movies. It's actually though the Japanese film industry that I discovered my true passion for film. I didn't know exactly what part I wanted to play, just that I wanted to be in the game. 
My dream is to one day gain enough experience and connections to work on Japanese movies and Shows, to live in Japan!

I've been working in the film industry for 3 years now, in that time I've worked on;
2 seasons of Game of Thrones (3 &5)
Dracula Untold
Wipers Times
Starred Up
Truth Commissioner 
Unhappy endings
Good Boy
Empire State 
and a bunch of other shorts and commercials.

My passion for entertainment drove me into the Industry as soon as I finished school. My parents wanted me to go to University but I decided to take my chances- they supported me, because they're awesome.
And although my job is long hours, with exhausting work and constant running around- I still love it because I get to be apart of making movies and TV shows that millions of people will see and enjoy, okay not all the time (dracula untold, so shit), but it's still fun to see how a film comes together, the insane amount of planning and decisions to be made and I get to meet some very cool actresses, actors, Directors and designers, which is pretty cool!
I figured most people who worked in this industry would feel the same, would love movies like I do, would watch everything new to hit the screens and keep up to date on all the new TV series to come out. But sadly thats just not true.
There are 14 people in my department and none of them watch much of anything. In fact anytime something is mentioned i've already watched it, because it's my passion, and now I'm actually getting a reputation for being of movie dork! People laugh at how much I watch, and yes- I watch a lot.
Who am I meant to talk to about all the stuff!?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


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Okay so I know this is my parks blog, but i've been thinking of starting to bring in other awesome shows I enjoy, but parks is a complex subject, so I will continue to blog out those lessons until there are no more to be heard! 

So to start it off- I just watched the season one finale of;

Jane the Virgin 

WOW, what an season ending! It was such an intense episode and actually made having a child seem like a somewhat beautiful thing instead of the somewhat horror that it is.
I'm already starting to bummer at the idea of having to wait for a new season!
But yeah so pumped about it I had to get it out!
If you don't know about the show I suggest you check out imdb, the links below!
Incredibly funny and entertaining! Probably in my top 10 favourites!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


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I met a new friend today, a really cool one that watches all the same shows, including PARKS! 
It's brilliant because now I have someone to actually talk to about how wonderful the show is, and I get to use all my Parks quotes that I've been saving for someone who'll actually understand just how funny it is and therefore me for the great delivery.
I think I enjoy that part too much, the idea that i'm funny, when I'm just recycling material..... I can be funny....or at least quirky.

Anyway! I'm not sure if i've mentioned it before but I work in the film industry, i'm currently working on a Fox Uk Production called- Morgan.
It's pretty different from the work i've done before which has been quite period; Game of Thrones, WW1 films, and medieval fantasy Dracula Untold. So a modern film is pretty mad to work on! 
But I'm getting away from myself. My point is that my new friend, works with me on this film. We got to talking about how we got into the industry and what we wanted from it. 
Parks was sorta the 'dream job' it sucks that as soon as I build up enough experience to actually have a shot at being on crew, the show ends. But thats life.

It doesn't stop me however from fantasying about how much fun it might have been to work on the best show ever made. Amy Poehler is wonderfully entertaining, whether it be her acting or her spunky writing ( I read her bio- really really good read!) and from the interviews i've seen the rest of the cast is just as nice and fun!

However i'm gonna tell you all something- film work can be shit. 
Sure you get to be apart of the process and meet actors and see the sets and watch them shooting, all the cool things. 
But you still have to work 12 hours a day (and on this job- 6 days a week). 
You get good pay- but then you can be unemployed for months until something new starts up.
It's can be a hard life, and people snap. 
I think it would possibly ruin the show for me if I had worked on it. 
I know I didn't enjoy Thrones quite as much after working on a few seasons. 
You associate sets with people then those people with bad events like them yelling at you, or the day you fell and broke you leg on set because someone left a cable uncovered. Or that cool scene in the forest for viewers, but you remember it differently- standing for hours in the rain and cold, I try really hard to appreciate how great my hard work looks but it's hard to compartmentalise sometimes.... 

Regardless of all that I still love my job!
But if I'm really a fan of a show or movie, I won't work on it (relatively new rule). I'd rather not spoil too much for myself and my job has me breaking down every scene in the movie so no luck of surprises when it comes to the screen.

Oh dear me, I've been rambling so long I've actually forgotten where I was going with this.

Let just say every job has it's quirks and Parks is the best show ever!

Me on the Throne. 
Next time serious face.....>^<

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