Thursday, 16 July 2015

Update on life and Parks.

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It's been awhile since i've posted anything and that's because i'm currently working wrap on the Production i'm finishing. Wrap is a great time of the job, everyone is getting excited to finish and the big free party that follows!
The atmosphere is lighter and everyone, even though very busy, seems to bask in the glory of getting to the end of a job without cracking up!
I've had a lot of fun on this job, moments were stressful but not hardly as much as some horror jobs, we've all been there! I'm moving right onto a research job after this so it'll still be a few weeks until i'm free to relax and plan some kind of Summer activity!

Most weekends I don't do much but chill out and go for a hike with my beautiful Jessie!
(incase you forgot what she looked like!)

And of course watching everything I can possibly consume, okay well all the good interesting, entertaining stuff anyway. I actually began re-watching the Final season of Parks. Breaks my heart that it's over but at the same time, it's nice to see how a show will wrap itself up, especially one that's gone for so long and done so much! I really enjoyed the final season. I've been looking into the behind scenes a lot to see how everyone worked together. They also seems to have kept basically the same crew through the entire series, like a family!
I'd love to have the chance to work on a tight knit show with a family crew! what I mean by that is just a crew that I know so well from working together for so long that we're like family. I have a few new family members already! Working on Thrones i've met a lot of amazing people, but it's the biggest show in the world and HBO, so there's a lot of crew changes every year and the job itself is so long and so tough, which is why I take a year between seasons, otherwise I wouldn't be my cheery self anymore, i'd be bug-eyed crazy lady..... oh but where was I going with this? 
Parks is a show that will subconsciously make you a better person, it's hard not to. You see how passionate everyone in the show is and I think parts of everyone wants to strive to be that little bit better too! At least everyone whom I know that actually watches the show agrees. Internet peoples probably won't so much, huh? 
I think my favourite episode was *SPOILER* Donna's wedding. 
It was so funny! And Donna finally got more screen time, it's her day! She also marries 

Keegan-Michael Key! 

Also it just shows how much everyone means to eachother! All invited to the wedding and all key players in making her day! 
Such a heart warming show! aw, i'm getting sappy! ^___^
Tying the Knope!


Moving onto a totally different subject, I really wanted to post some of the pictures from my last hike with Jessie, One moment it was beautiful blue skies, next the clouds started rolling in and it was pouring, thats the Irish Summer people. Me and Jess ran into the trees to get some protection, the lighting was so magical and enchanting I got some interesting pictures of the shamrocks.

I'm not sure why I like these pictures so much, they aren't particularly well taken ( it was rainy and on a hill to be fair with my shitty phone) but i'm sticking with the enchanting thing. It just looked like a forest in a different, magical world, and I love my fantasy. 

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