Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Reasonablists

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 Engage With Zorp!

Imagine your town was taken over by a cult. 
Now imagine this cult worshipped a giant fire-breathing volcano lizard,
 you wouldn't let it happen right? What kind of town would? 
Not too unexpected I guess; Pawnee was overtaken by a cult in the 70's.
And yes, they worshipped a giant fire-breathing volcano lizard named Zorp. 
It seems crazy that anyone would worship something so ridiculous sounding,
 especially when they know the origin of 'Zorp' 
came from the mind of a local hardware store owner, 
when he decided to write a book. 
But thats just the kind of place Pawnee is, 
crazy susceptible (Just like the Dean in Community! wrong show...). 
 Or It was probably too quiet that year in Pawnee, 
so they just let the whole thing spiral for the fun of it! 

If you're thinking- I wonder what this weird cult was like..... 
Well! no need to keep thinking!
 You can watch the 'end of the world' episode- Season 4 Episode 6. 
You'll get to see intimate footage of this strange group of people and how they react to what they believe is the- 'END OF THE WORLD' 
*Spoiler* They are super boring.  
They call themselves the 'Reasonablists', quite clever really, when people hear their 'title' they'll assume they're very reasonable- the opposite is true. 

The episode mentions how Ron actually grew up during the cult days,
 just made me think- what did Ron look like as a child? 
That's the real story here.
I must investigate.

Friday, 24 April 2015

ANDY'S BAND NAMES- Will he ever choose one?

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MOUSE RAT- or is it?

Andy Dwyer is an unusual character, he's like an adult child. But not like modern children cause they're all amazing at technology and really mean. No Andy is a child from his own generation, it seems he never really grew up and I don't know about the rest of you, but i'm so jealous.

At some point I think most people contemplate starting a band, the first thing you begin to think of is- the band name. Seriously, me and my friends had little-to-no musical talent and yet we thought of starting a band and the first thing we decided we'd need was a name.
No instruments, no knowledge, no practice space- and the name is all we could think about.
Andy clearly has slightly the same problem, but he's got the talent.
I went though and collected all Andy's previous band name. I've highlighted my favourite in purple!

- Mouse Rat
- Scarecrow Boat
- Malice in Chains
- Eagle Eyed Tiger
- Punch face Champion
- Flames for Flames
- The Andy Andy Andy's
- Crackfinger
- Department of Homeland Obscurity
- Fourskin
- Puppy Pendulum
- Possum Pendulum
- Penis Pendulum
- Radwagon
- God Hates Figs
- Jet Black Pope
- Muscle Confusion
- Just the Tip
- Fiveskin
- Threeskin
- Angelsnack
- Nothing Rhymes with Orange
- Nothing Rhymes with Blorange
- Ninja Dick
- Andy Dwyer Experience
- Death of A Scam Artist
- Razordick
- Teddy Bear suicide
- Two Doors Down
- Tackle Shack
- Hand Rail Suicide
- Rat mouse (without Andy)

I've highlighted a few names but my Favourite is........GOD HATES FIGS.
It makes me smile/laugh every time I hear it! I just thought it was so dang clever.

What is your favourite of Andy's bandnames?
Or if you have one of your own??
Even after all our name planning I can't remember what we even came up with all those years ago....

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Human relationships/ friendship

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One of the best things about Parks and Recreation is the relationships between the characters. Throughout the show you get to watch each character develop and progress in their relationships with each other. 
The obvious one being Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. 

It's hard to imagine a disgruntled nurse and an crazy eyed optimistic government worker becoming such close friends, but thats exactly what happens, their relationship is the backbone to the beginning of the series. 
Friendship is a precious thing, I think in life we take it for granted, I know I have. 
It's not until the years have passed and you're looking back at your facebook albums and you realise you haven't seen any of the faces that used to frequent your pictures and life so often. 
Basically what I'm getting at is it's important to appreciate your friends and the relationships you build in life. 
Leslie celebrated her Best Friend Ann Perkins, the only way she knew how; intense, perplexing, creative compliments. 
I've collected the best throughout the series below, we should all learn from Leslie and celebrate our friends! I can only hope to one day be referred to in such colourful ways like Ann. 

Best Compliments 

- Oh, Ann. You beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby.

- Oh, Ann. You beautiful rule-breaking moth

- You are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk Ox

- Ann you beautiful tropical fish

- Ann, you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish

- Ann, you poetic and noble land-mermaid

- Oh Ann, you beautiful spinster. I will find you love.

- I've said this to you before and i know it makes you uncomfortable, but you're thoughtful, and you're brilliant and your ambiguous ethnic blend perfectly represents the dream of the American melting Pot.

- You're Ann Perkins! Sperm worthy if your perfect eggs does not grow on trees

- Nobody can fill your shoes, Ann, with those tiny little doll feet. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


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It's coming to the end of the day at work, okay an hour and a half to go- anyway it's Wednesday, hump day, don't try and deny it's a thing, because the whole office will fight you on it.
Time isn't moving anymore so i'm gonna take a break from stationary orders and Lab research to just look at all the pictures of my little pup, and then upload them all onto my blog!
It's incredible how the picture or video of an adorable animal can completely change my mood!
Maybe yours too, how can you not say "AWWW......"?



B*tch it's my turn to drive!
What a lovely arrangement of a beautiful jack-russle-collie cross dog!
I'm obsessed....>>


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I'll tell you all about it

I've never found it hard to talk about the things I love, in fact it's hard to shut me up.
But writing is a different story, my excited whimsical voice won't be able to distract you from the fact that even though I'm writing a lot, I'm not saying much of anything.
I've tried so hard to write something interesting and exciting, I mean Parks and Recreations is an AWESOME show, yet I can't seem to get across what I want to say about the show through writing.
From former posts you may have noticed I weigh heavy on the pictures and videos, I just don't want my writing to distract from the main reason i'm writing my blog;

This isn't meant to be a blog just about how amazing Parks and Recreations is.
You see I decided to start this blog after a dry spell of no work (employed now!), I hail from the film and entertainment industry in Belfast. Really starting to blow up, but not in the winter months, Ireland can be depressing weather wise a lot of the time, no need to make it worse by filming in Winter....

Anyways, I'd just gotten back from my yearly visit to my family back in the states, CA.
I was excited to get back to work, but then nothing. There were few productions happening at this point and none of them hiring. So I decided to catch up on some of my favourite TV shows, Parks being one of many.
I was beginning to get slightly depressed after the first month of being unemployed. I'd knitted 4 scarves, filled 2 sketchbooks, mastered Mario kart and watched pretty much everything on Netflix, both American and UK.
Then I saw a friend of my post a link to his blog on facebook, I loved it.
I got to see inside his mind and world a little more than usual, facebook isn't the same at all.
I started to think of what I could talk about, I wanted to create a blog with a theme. Then I realised, I could talk about Parks and Recreations for hours, and I NEVER get to, because people in Ireland are way behind, American TV series wise.
 But that wasn't the only reason, it may sounds like an exaggeration, but I think this show is  beneficial for more than just entertainment but also emotionally and mentally. If I ever have a bad day or am sad or any emotion that I can't really work though in silence, I'll watch an episode of Parks. It's a comedy show with a lot of soul.
It immanently distracts me from my issues, I'm emerged completely in the world of these passionate, hard working, life loving, interesting characters. By the time the episode is over, I feel better, I have a bit of hope, not sure why but it doesn't seem right to think about yourself and your problems when Leslie is on the screen haha
There is something uplifting about this show, it means a lot to me.
And according to the internet i'm not the only one who thinks this.

Monday, 20 April 2015


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Drunk and Hungover, is there any better Leslie? 
Well yes, but there is nothing funnier than a drunk Leslie! 
It must have been so hard for any actor playing alongside Amy doing those drunk scenes, she's so funny you wonder how they manage to keep a straight face! 

Leslie is having a drink off with Ron's mom and ex-wifre Tammy 1.
Winner gets to keep Ron!
Leslie tries so hard.....

Leslie accidentally married two male penguins and became the, 'Queen of the Gays'
She's at a party thrown in her honour at the Pawnee gay club- 'the bulge'

                                                                                                                                                                  Leslie is nervous about her date with Dave so she decides to get drunk and show up at his house the night before the date at 2am, and does this

Me, every time I drink now.

Remember at the top of the post I mentioned how hard it must be for someone to act alongside Amy when she's doing those hilarious drunk scenes? Well the video below between the time frame listed underneath, will show you just how hard it is! 
What it's like to do a drunk scene with Amy Poehler- time: 5.53-6.44

I hope I'm as funny when I'm drunk!
I shall test it tonight!

Thursday, 16 April 2015


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He's the embodiment of the 'Real Man' ideal.
Loves meat, hunting, fishing, building, fixing, lil' Sebastian and riddles.
Hates Government, fruit and Vegetables.
He like April acts indifferent towards people, but both of them have obvious soft spots. Usually for Leslie. So even though he can seem quite harsh, he's a big teddy bear really!

Plus that moustache.
Growing up and even now I've always see the 'moustache' as a very grown up, wise manly thing.
My father has always had a stache. And he could give Ron for his money. 
He's strong, private, loves all the same things as Ron, well he's not huge on lil' Sebastian, to be fair though he has no idea who that is..... but he's not a weirdo about disliking Vegetables. 
It's probably strange to say, but I love Ron's character because he reminds me of my dear father, who's a big moustache faced Irish man. 
He however doesn't have Ron's hilariously adorable laugh!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Snake Juice- Basically Rat poison

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I've been thinking about my favourite episodes of Parks. 
A lot of them include everyone drunk. 


The video below is the interviews taken at the 'snakehole lounge' when everyone is drinking snakejuice. 'Basically rat poison' 
Ron's interview is my favourite! 

I also love hungover Parks Peeps. Except Ron, we will never seen hungover Ron.
Damp socks to bed guys, thats the secret. 

Look how happy he is! 


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I have an unhealthy attachment to my dog. I admit it. 
It's just because she's so adorable and loyal and smart and so very comforting! 
PLUS she gets me out walking everyday and to interesting parks and forests. 

Where I live is surrounded by Parks, and since I've moved to the area they've become much more agreeable! Clean, filled with flowers and there are always a crazy amount of dogs for my little girl to play with. Parks are great fun! >O<
Although I do love a stroll in the Park, I will admit to be more partial to the forest. 
Every chance I get I take Jessie to the forest near where I live. 
I don't know it's name as the sign was stolen, but it has an abundance of streams, wildlife paths, flowers and my favourite, naturally fallen trees, you know when the roots are still have in the earth and the tree is tilted towards the sky but now it's finally climbable for you short legs!
See Jessie's little butt climbing the tree? 

 I love the way you can see the branches from a completely new angle, how wriggly they look bare. 

Now a crazy amount of pictures of me and Jessie on our walks and the beauty of the unknown forest. 

This is my favourite place in the forest, no matter what time of day, or weather it always has the same eery beauty. Plus it's off the path deep in the forest so i've never seen another person come by. Its my spot. Okay Jessie's too. 

 I didn't build it, kinda creeped me out when I first saw it, I mean it's in the middle of nowhere and i've seen a lot of horror films. 

This is actually an overturned tree. It's quite magnificent in person. Huge rocks protruding out. Now the small crevices' are homes for insects and rodents alike. 

Thank you Parks and Recreations! And Jessie!
Without you guys God knows I'd probably never leave my apartment, but thanks to you, I'm totally into hiking! As long as Jess is with me!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Dog- Champion!

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April and Andy adopted this beautiful one legged dog!

I always loved seeing this guy pop up in the episodes, I have a puppy myself, her name is Jessie. I won't post a picture of her just yet as I have a future post with her name all over it. 
Anyway Champion has a very significant part in the show for me.
First the dog Park, April always loved dogs but she became more driven to create a dog park after adopting Champion, start of her real role in the government!

Furthermore just like in life, Parks and Recs shows how easy it is to fall in love with such a loyal creature! They also have pop up animal adoptions, supporting the adoptions of older animals and not just the cute puppies. 
Chris spent one day with Champion him and was in love!
Plus the affection you get from an animal, especially a dog, is uplifting!
If you're depressed- GET A DOG! 

If you're feeling generous you can donate to a local animal shelter. 
I recommend;

The site also has a lot of useful information if you ever think of adopting a rescue dog. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Why I love Parks and Recreations

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Finally I get down to the point of this blog of mine, why I love Parks and Recreations.
Unlike most shows, Parks has a believable character development, as you watch the show you begin to feel like you really know the cast. You learn more about their lives, you see them progress or fail and how they manage these changes. The relationships feel authentic, Ben and Leslie have this amazing connection that seems so real and genuine. It's one of those TV relationships that gives you faith in love, and doesn't make you want to rip your heart out.
Other than the fantastic cast of main characters; Leslie, Ron, Ben, Chris, April, Andy, Ann, Donna, Tom and Gerry/ Larry/ Garry I guess.
There's are a great selection of minor character such as;
Jean- Ralphio- Tom's hilarious sidekick that is constantly singing or saying something inappropriate.
Also Jeremy Jamm- City Council's selfish, lazy, sneaking council member. 'You just got Jammed'
Yes, he uses his name as a catch phrase to mean suckered, beaten etc He's annoying but again hilarious! Most cast members have experience in stand up and you can tell as not one character won't make you laugh.
The best thing about the characters is; They're relatable.
Every character is completely different, they all have their strange personalities, yet you can relate to each at certain points thought the show.
Leslie is driven and enthusiastic! And Happy, like all the time.
April is mean and rude but has a soft side for the furry creatures, and can be really sweet, but hates it.
Andy is the polar opposite, he's loud, adventurous, childish, goofy and a little slow.  
Ron is the definition of a real man. He's private, loyal, loves meat and hates the government, but he does have the most adorable giggle! (which we will come back to in late posts)
Tom is a total drama queen (i'd use king but it doesn't really fit....) He's the one who can party, but also the idea man- they may be crazzzy but he's got a lot of them!
Donna is the Queen Bee of any situation you put her in, she's also quite bitchy and brutally honest. But she's also the mommy of the group. She fixes office mishaps, drives everyone home after the snake juice night and even (SPOILER) gives Garry his name back in the final season!
Ben is Leslie's love. But he's also a total nerd, the more you get to know him the more of a nerd he becomes; Calzones. Board Games. Accountant jokes.
Chris is LITERALLY the most energetic character on the planet. Okay I can't really relate to Chris so much......>>
Ann isn't always around which is a bit sad after it first happens but i'll be honest, I got over it pretty quick. She's kind, like a nurse, and the way she invited Leslie into her life instead of locking the doors and calling the cops on the crazy lady, makes me think she really is apart of the gang, even though you can do without her.
Every character in this show has something special and all of them are funny to help make life seem a little less grey and most Pawnee. 

The weird and wonderful Murals of Pawnee

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If you've watched even one episode of Parks and Recreation you've probably seen or heard references to one of the many murals in city hall. 
No city hall has EVER displayed such insanely graphic and violent images, except Pawnee. 
I mean this city sells 'child size' sodas ("we call it child size because it's roughly the size of a 2 year old if they were turned into liquid.") So we know they're pretty crazy. 

But the point I was making is how weird and hilarious the murals are. If anyone bothers to read this leave a comment and tell me your favourite!
(my favourite)

Weirdly the only one I couldn't find a full view of was Leslie's favourite, the wildflower meadow. 
I did find part though!

So pretty..... 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

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Thats when the show really begins. New characters are introduce, some of the old ones are booted off, and Leslie has multiply new projects to make her crazy and fun. But mostly crazy.
And a new romance, WOOOOOO
It's hard to make excited girly sounds virtually....Anyway season three is the introduction to BEN and CHRIS they're auditors who inspect Indiana city governments who are in finical trouble. WOW, this show really doesn't sounds like it'd be as incredible as it is.
To prove it I've arranged a number of images for you to see, along with some of my favourite quotes.  
 (not the webside address)


The sad thing about living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Is that NO ONE seems to watch this absolutely amazing show! Which means I'm forced to vent all the conversation held from me, on the internet, in the form of a blog. 
So I apologise for my lack of writing skill, I just want to talk about Parks. 

First post- It's Knope time

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Trying to start a blog is one of those things you think will be simple but really isn't. 
I spent so much time trying to think of a name that I panicked and chose something silly, when really I wanted it to be;
Rookie error, I'll try and be better.

So lately I've been thinking a lot about characters, in real life, TV, movies, work etc. 
Of all the people I've met and the insane amount of movies I've seen LESLIE KNOPE must be my absolute favourite!
You see when you watch the show you get so pulled in by the characters and the story, and it's all about the Parks and Recreations department for the local Pawnee Government, doesn't sound like it'd be interesting, which is kinda what makes it that much better, because it is incredibly fun!

Leslie Knope is the kind of character that makes you want to take on a project and work your damn hardest to get it done and make it rock! 
I mean I don't want to be just like Leslie, that'd be exhausting, She's just what keeps me working at the end of the day when all I want to do is fall asleep on my desk, because I want to be inspired by myself too one day. 
(I know she's just a TV character just to reassure anyone reading, i'm not crazy just yet)

So my blog will be dedicated mostly to PARKS AND RECREATIONS and some of the best moments to come from the show, all the way to the final season!
However i'll probably also throw in a few post about the many other shows i'm currently watching just to vent mostly as no one else in the tiny city seems to watch good TV shows anymore...>>


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