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As usual i'm starting this with an explanation of why it's been so long since i've posted. 
Excuses. What can I say really? I'm busy, but then I still manage to find time to read an insane amount of manga and watch 4-5 episodes of Dexter a night. My priorities need some work. 

Anyway! I have an exciting post today!
I watched the new remake NetFlix series ' Wet Hot American Summer; First day of camp' 
And then went and watched the original movie, 'Wet Hot American Summer' 

Our beautiful and talent Amy Poehler is one of many hilarious cast members!
You see the NetFlix series contains the same cast as the original movie, so it's brilliant seeing how people have aged in the past 14 years, not all so well....>>



Although I've never had the opportunity to actually attend an American Summer camp, this seemed pretty legit to me, a bit o.t.t on some occasions but being a teenager, away from home nothing but freedom and friends, it's gonna get a little mad, and this movie/show sells that perfectly!
The cast is made up with talented and quirky actors and comedians so theres never a dull moment! I really enjoyed the original movie, but the T.V show has a little something extra for me. Maybe it's seeing Amy Poehler and the rest acting like teenagers and being so great at it, or maybe it's how great it looks, video has come a long way and just keeps getting better or maybe it's just references I can understand!

The difference of 14 years is a bit crazy with some of the cast members, others not so much.
Like below is a picture of Amy Poehler and Bradley Copper with a fourteen year difference, both still looking awesome, but the difference is; their faces seemed to have filled out, and Amy's eyes seem to have widened?

Amy Poehler plays the character of 'Susie' 
Her character unlike the rest, at least for me, seemed quite different in comparison to her character in the movie. In the movie she is actually a little scary, she'd be the one at camp that is so insanely serious you don't wanna cross her cause she'll rip your head off and throw it in the lake. 
In the series she's a tad preoccupied to have that same dramatic flare. 
I still enjoyed both, but I think I prefer movie 'Susie' to the Tv 'Susie'.

Both the movie and the series had my sides splitting, if you love to laugh like I do, you should spend the weekend (or it'll only take a night really, if you can consume like me) enjoying these masterpieces of hilarity! Get a big bowl of buttery pop corn, some candy and soda and feel like a teenager again vegging out in front of the T.V!
Sounds like an awesome weekend to me!


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