Monday, 8 June 2015

Helen's Bay Beach

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'Let's go to the beach!'

'The beach? Isn't it a bit cold still?'

'Who cares! We'll have it all to ourselves then!'

We didn't. It's like we keep forgetting where we live and how when the sun actually manages to break through the thick grey clouds everyone flocks to the beach, parks, docks etc... to savour the moment. 
But it was a beautiful day and a lovely date!

It's been awhile since i've been to the beach. It really is just too cold for any proper beach fun in Ireland but It was enjoyable to just sit on a hill and watch the water swaying and then crashing into the rocks below. 
Plus Jessie was loving it!

What would Leslie be like if she was anywhere near a beach? It would be a very different story I think. All the characters would have to be influenced by the Ocean in some way I believe. 
Tom would be the one wearing strange swim suits and laying under a giant umbrella. Donna would be the same. April would be sitting as far from the water with her feet in the dry sand complaining about how stupid sand is but secretly enjoying wiggling her toes in it. Andy would be building sand castles and running into the oncoming waves. Ben would be sitting on a bench arms crossed and eyebrows knitted together in an uncomfortable moment of silence with the ocean that doesn't really suit him. Chris would be doing meditation on top of a cliff somewhere. Ron would be fishing in a secluded section of the beach off a pier he constructed himself and Leslie would be running around trying to organise some incredible beach fun. 
And Gerry would have been left behind so he'd be arriving in his trunks ready for a swim when everyone else was packing up. 
I think that sounds pretty accurate? 


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