Friday, 19 June 2015

Leslie, inspire me!

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I've been under a bit of stress lately.
I was off sick for two days this week, but while I was out of work I couldn't stop myself from over thinking every aspect of my life, which didn't help me recover, in fact it made me feel worse.
To try and calm myself I do what I usual do, watch some Parks and try and steal advice from Leslie Knope's wise words.

No, but really I've been feeling a little lost. I had so many plans for myself and for the most part they've actually worked out. I wanted to be working in a good job where I made decent money and got to do something fun and exciting, check. 
But I also wanted to be successful by the time I was 25. I wanted to be able to help my parents move back to California like they've wanted. 
But i'm 21 now and I'm beginning to have doubts about how fast i'm moving up the chain. I've done well but the industry is still too small here and my ambitions are getting bigger. I've been concentrating so much on work i've forgotten how to be casual with my friends. I hardly ever go out and all I want to do in my spare time is gorge in movies and TV. I just want more. Always. 

Parts of my old self are fading but I want to keep hold of the idealistic girl who thought she could do anything. I'll continue to strive for the best and work hard but I need to know how to balance my life. 
Leslie i'm stealing your quote (below). It's my destiny to WIN! 
So to anyone who feels like giving up, do what Leslie would do- Don't!

I think I know the real reason for this blog now, it's to help me make sure I don't just give up. It's so easy to do but I don't want to look back and think about everything I let pass me by. 
It's been over a week since my last post, and it's not because I haven't had the time, I could write a post over lunch time if I wanted to, it's the fear of what I write being no good. 
But that like everything else I could say would just be an excuse. 
And excuses are lame. 
No one listens to them anyway!
Basically i'll try harder from now on to not just let this blog and my life sizzle out.

Thank you Leslie for the lesson!


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